AC / DC Dielectric Test System  
      AC VLF Hi-Pot Test Set up to 200 kV  
      AC Voltage / Current Impulse Test System  
      AC Resonant Test System (Fix or Variable Frequency)  
      DC Hi-pot Test Set up to 350 kV  
  Digital Handheld Instruments  
     AC/DC Clamp Ammeter  
     AC/DC Multimeter
   Electrical Installation Safety Tester
   Indoor Environment Quality Tester
   LAN Cabling/Network Tester
     Multi-Function Installation Tester  
     Portable Appliance Tester  
  Electrical Test Instruments  
     AC / DC VLF Test Set, 0 to 120 KV  
     AC / DC  Variable Power Supply  
     Capacitance & Tan Delta / IPF Test Set  
     Circuit Breaker Analyzer (Timing & Motion)  
     Earth / Ground Resistance Tester  
     Instrument Transformer Test Set  
     CT Analyzer (Ratio, Polarity Excitation)
   VT Tester (Ratio, Polarity & Phase Deviation)
     Insulation Resistance Tester, 0 - 15 kv DC  
     Insulating Oil DBV Test Set, 0 -100 kV AC
     KWHR / Energy Meter Test Set
     Micro-Ohmmeter for Contact Resistance
     Partial Discharge Analyzer
     Power Quality Analyzer
     Surge Arrester Leakage Current Tester
     Surge Tester/Analyzer for Rotating Machines
     Transformer Turns Ratio (TTR) Tester
     Winding Ohmmeter /Resistance Tester
  Transformer Oil Laboratory Instruments
     Acidity Analyzer
     Corrosive Sulfur Analyzer
     Dissolved Gas Analyzer (Lab and Portable type)
     Furan Analyzer
     Interfacial Tensiometer
     Moisture Content Analyzer
     Oil DBV Tester
     Oil Power Factor Tester
     Particle Count Analyzer
     Viscosity Meter
  SF6 Gas Test & Handling Equipment
     SF6 Gas Analyzer (Purity, Moisture & SO2)
     SF6 Gas Infrared Leak Detector
     SF6 Gas Recovery & Filtration Cart
  Transformer Insulating Oil / Maintenance Equipment
     On-line / Offline Oil Regeneration System, 100 - 10,000 LPH
     On-line / Offline Vacuum Oil Purification System, 100 to 12,000 LPH
     On-Line OLTC Purifier w/ heater
     Vacuum Pump & Dehydration System
     Dry Air Generator for X’fmr Maintenance
  Transformer On-line Monitoring / Protection System
     Nitrogen Injection Explosion Prevention & Fire Extinguishing System
     Bushing Monitoring System
  Miscellaneous Products
      Steel Pressed Radiators for Transformers
      On Load Tap Changers