Engineers are one of those essential frontline workers during this pandemic situation. A wide range of clients are being serviced by Tan Delta amidst the Covid- 19 crisis and health risk. Our group of electrical engineers are working together to ensure the reliability of substation equipment to avoid unanticipated power interruption.

In the midst of COVID-19 and measures being taken to contain its impact, many employees are not just doing their jobs but transforming their job routines. Despite the scorching heat and changing weather condition on site, our engineers observe proper health protocols to fight spreading the novel coronavirus.

As challenging as our current situation has been, the fact remains that we are kept out of harm’s way—able to continue working and being with our loved ones—because our frontline workers have heeded the call to serve our country.

Beyond the call of duty to serve others, our engineers demonstrated dedication to their job and exceed our clients expectations and deliver the services completely in a timely manner despite the hardship and health risks because of this pandemic.

From the bottom of our hearts, we salute you for your service.

Appreciate your work and dedication towards society in Covid-19 crisis. Keep Working Hard!