Satisfactory Vendor Performance Award for Services

Thank you STEAG POWER PLANT Villanueva for the recognition. Tan Delta Electric Corporation is delighted to provide high quality services to exceed our customers’ expectations.

This Recognition plaque was given last October 28, 2019. We achieved the Excellence in Terms of Price and Quality for the year 2016, 2017 and 2018.

PTM 4.50 software version available


The Primary Test Manager™ (PTM) software supports you during diagnostic tests on circuit breakers, current and voltage transformers, rotating machines, grounding systems, power transformers as well as associated equipment such as bushings and on-load tap changers (OLTC). The software guides you through the testing process with comprehensive testing procedures and detailed wiring diagrams. Tests can be automatically assessed in accordance with the applicable international IEEE and IEC standards. PTM also provides powerful reporting functionalities such as customized, individual reports about the test object, test results and assessment.

General improvements and new features

Implementation of context sensitive help
Flexible creation of customized test list templates for all assets
Implementation of Traditional Chinese language
New “preview image” feature in order to simplify asset data entering
General support of CP TD12/15 and CP CR600 modules for power/dissipation factor testing
New power transformer testing functionality with CPC 100/80 and TESTRANO 600

Support of CP TD12/15 module in combination with CPC 100/80 and TESTRANO 600 for power/dissipation factor testing
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New circuit breaker testing functionality with CIBANO 500

Enhanced Circuit Breaker Testing Library (CBTL) functionalities for individual customization
New assessment of timing test on Graphite Nozzle circuit breaker types
Improved support for pneumatic operating mechanism
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New rotating machines testing functionality with the CPC 100

Support of CP TD12/15 and CP CR600 modules in combination with CPC 100 for power/dissipation factor testing
New partial discharge test result integration during high-voltage source test using OMICRON’s MPD systems
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A novel approach to comprehensive tests on phase-shifting transformers


Phase-shifting transformer are used to control the flow of active power in a complex transmission network, including the improvement of transmission capacity, reliability and operational safety of this network. It is an efficient and economical tool that allows you to increase the reliability and efficiency of power flow control in an overloaded transmission line in which it was installed. Therefore, information about its technical condition is also important in order to ensure a reliable operation.

The article focuses on a novel approach to perform diagnostic tests on phase-shifting transformers and presents several measurement cases which emphasize the importance of the characteristic operating states of the phase-shifting transformer. The results have shown that using a three-phase transformer test system is a very fast and efficient way to verify the operation parameters of phase-shifting transformers during commissioning and maintenance in the field.

TDEC welcomes new Principal, Sichuan Sunlight Intelligent Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

Last November 2018, Sichuan Sunlight Intelligent joins Tan Delta Electric Corporation, as a part of our team now we welcome them with utmost confidence. We are solely distributor of their products in the Philippines.

Sichuan Sunlight Intelligent Electric Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 2002. Throughout the 16 years of continuous development, Sunlight got the reputation of being The Top Brand in Grounding in China.

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